Can Sofa Cushions Be Dry-Cleaned? Don’t Ruin Your Sofa Cushions — Find Out Now.

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If you have a tough stain on your sofa cushions, like wine or chocolate, you may wonder if your cushions are ruined. The good news is that most stains are removable, some at home and some by professionals. So can sofa cushions be dry-cleaned? Yes, some couch cushions can be dry-cleaned. Keep reading to discover which sofa cushions are dry-cleanable and which aren’t.

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What Are Couch Cleaning Cleaning Codes?

Most couches have a label attached to the sofa underneath the cushions. This label has the couch’s cleaning code, which tells you what type of cleaner you can use on the sofa without damaging it. The code applies to the couch cushions’ upholstery as well as the couch.

The cleaning code tag is the #1 way to find out can sofa cushions be dry-cleaned — for your cushions — or not.

Closeup of a couch tag with the cleaning code "S" on it.

Here are the most common cleaning codes:

  • S: solvent-based cleaner only
  • W: water-based cleaner only for this fabric
  • W/S: water-based or solvent-based cleaners are both okay
  • X: vacuum or brush clean only; no water- or solvent-based cleaners

Can I Take My Couch Cushions To The Dry Cleaners?

If your couch has a label with “S” or “W/S” on it, you can get your sofa cushions dry-cleaned. Some dry cleaners will wash the entire pillow, while others will only clean the covers of the sofa cushions. To find out, Google “dry cleaners near me” and call local dry cleaners to ask them.

You can clean many stains yourself, however, and save money by not going to the dry cleaners. Find out how to clean couch cushions here.

What If There’s No Cleaning Code On My Couch?

Five sofa cushions of different colors on a gray couch.

There are three options if you don’t have a cleaning code:

  1. Get a professional cleaner to come to your house to clean the sofa and cushions.
  2. Call the sofa manufacturer to find out if they have any info on your couch’s upholstery cleaning code.
  3. Test an inconspicuous part of your couch with a cleaning solution. If the solution hasn’t damaged the fabric after a day, then using the solution on your entire sofa and cushions is okay.

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