11 Couch In Bedroom Ideas To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy, Inviting Space For Relaxing

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Looking for couch in bedroom ideas? These 11 ideas (pics included) will give you inspiration for turning your bedroom into a place to relax, read, and watch TV.

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11 Couch In Bedroom Ideas

Adding seating to your bedroom creates a warm, inviting feel — a place to unwind at night or relax with a cup of coffee in the morning. Here are 11 couch in bedroom ideas to inspire you.

1. Put A Couch Beside Your Bed

A gray love seat near a white bed.

If you struggle with restless nights, having a sofa next to the bed can come in handy. You can use it to relax and wind down without having to spend “awake time” in bed.

And on those days when you’re feeling a bit sluggish, having a comfy couch nearby can help you ease into the day. You can sit and sip your coffee or tea, take your time waking up, and then tackle the day ahead.

2. Make An Accent Wall

A bedroom with a blue accent wall behind a couch.

You don’t even need an entire wall to create this effect; you can simply paint part of a wall a different color and put your sofa in the middle of it. This creates a cozy, nook-like feel. Perfect for curling up with a book!

3. Put A Small Sofa At The Foot Of The Bed

11 couch in bedroom ideas

A small loveseat at the foot of your bed will make it feel like the couch is taking up less room than if you placed it elsewhere. And there are so many options with fabrics to either match the loveseat with your bed or intentionally set it apart in style.

4. Add A Canopy Or Curtains To Your Bed To Create A Divided Bedroom Layout

A bedroom with a canopy bed and a sofa.

Adding a canopy or curtains to your bed can visually split your bedroom into separate areas. This can be helpful for good sleep hygiene and habits: one spot for hanging out and one for sleeping. When you’re in bed, this tells your body it’s time to sleep.

5. Match Your Couch To Your Bed

A big living room with a white couch and bed with white bedspread.

For a classy look, match the color and style of your couch to your bed. You can even reupholster your sofa if needed. Adding a matching ottoman or coffee table will pull the look together even more.

6. Add A Chaise Lounge To A Corner Of Your Bedroom

A traditionally styled bedroom with a light-green chaise lounge.

Adding a chaise lounge to your bedroom layout in a convenient location like a corner is an excellent way to use space. Plus, a chaise lounge adds a touch of elegance that fits well with a traditionally styled bedroom.

7. Put A Small Coffee Table In Front Of The Sofa

A modern bedroom with a sofa and coffee table.

It might seem counterintuitive to have a coffee table in your bedroom taking up available space. But a coffee table can make the seating area feel more intentional and bring the room together into a unified whole — especially if you match the coffee table with the other furniture in the room. 

8. Put The Couch In Front Of A Fireplace

A large bedroom with vaulted ceilings and a roaring fireplace.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, take advantage of it by turning that space into a cozy sitting area! 

9. Add A Splash Of Color With The Upholstery

A sunny bedroom with a yellow couch against a window.

Instead of creating an intentionally matching look for your bedroom, you can add a splash of color by choosing sofa upholstery that’s a different color from everything else in your bedroom. This will also make the space around the couch feel separate from the rest of the bedroom, which you might like for separating the room into a “sleep” area and a “relaxation” area.

10. Get A Curved Sofa

A small, white curved sofa with a bed in the background.

If you’re working with a small room, a curved sofa can be an excellent pick. The lack of right angles will take up less space and add an interesting visual element to your bedroom furniture. A curved sofa also fits well against bay windows.

11. Put A Daybed Against A Window

A room with a black-and-white daybed.

A daybed positioned against a window makes great use of the light, and with some pillows and cushions, you can turn it into a homey, cozy reading or relaxation nook.


Can You Put A Couch In The Bedroom?

Yes, you can put a couch in the bedroom. It’s a great way to create a cozy sitting area in your bedroom for relaxing and unwinding at night.

What Is Bedroom Sofa Called?

A sofa for sleeping on is called a sleeper sofa. A sofa that you put in your bedroom will often be on the smaller side, like a loveseat or chaise lounge.

What Furniture Typically Goes In A Bedroom?

Typically a bedroom has a mattress, bed frame, dresser, and nightstands. Some people add armchairs or sofas to turn a bedroom into a dual-purpose sleeping-hanging-out room, while others prefer to keep the room’s purpose to sleeping only. It’s entirely up to you!

Where Should I Put My Sofa In The Room?

If you have a small room, you should probably put your sofa against a wall to maximize space. If you have a bigger room, you can put the sofa in the middle of the room to create a different flow in the layout.

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