How To Measure A Couch Correctly (The 4 Things You Need To Measure)

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If you’re trying to find out how to measure a couch, you’ll need to know how to measure four things: couch width, depth, diagonal depth, and height. We’ll cover them all below so you can find the perfect couch for your space.

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How Do You Measure A Couch?

Here are the steps to measure a couch and ensure you don’t forget anything important.

Step 1: Get Out Your Measuring Tape

How to measure a couch: width, depth, and height.

Measure the space you would like to place the couch, taking into account surrounding furniture like coffee tables and end tables. You should also measure the width of your hallways and doors to make sure you can fit the couch in through them.

If you want to envision the available space, a good tip is to use masking tape to outline the area you want to put the sofa. Sitting in that space, try to picture what the room would feel like with a couch there.

Here are the specific couch measurements to take:

  • Width (arm to arm)
  • Depth (front edge of the seat all the way to the back of the couch)
  • Diagonal depth (top back of the couch to the bottom front)
  • Height (the back of the sofa from its highest point to the ground)
How to measure sofa diagonal depth

Step 2: Note The Dimensions Of Your Space

Use a pen and paper or a note app on your phone to write down the dimensions of where the couch will go. These are just a few examples of things you might want to consider: 

  • If there’s a window you don’t want the sofa to block, write down how high off the floor the window sill is to get a sofa that’s the right height.
  • Write down how much space to leave for an end table, if you want one.
  • Make sure your sofa won’t block a doorway.  
  • If you’re buying a sleeper sofa, ensure there’s enough space for the couch when it’s in “sleep mode.”

Step 3: Find A Couch That Fits Your Space Requirements

If you go to sofa showrooms or furniture stores, take a measuring tape. If you’re shopping online, check for all the dimensions of the couches you’re looking at. You’ll also want to pay attention to the packaging dimensions to ensure the package/s the sofa comes in can fit, especially if you have a small doorway.


Do Couch Measurements Include The Arms?

Yes, couch measurements include the arms, and arm-to-arm is usually the widest part of a couch.

Is A 72-Inch Sofa Big?

No, a 72-inch sofa is not big — it’s on the lower end of normal for a three-seat couch. Three seaters are usually 70-87″.

What Is The Size Of A 3 Seater Sofa In Ft?

A 3-seater sofa is usually 5’8”-7’3” long.

What Is Comfortable Size For Sofa?

A comfortable size for a sofa for most people is 7’ in length, 21”-25” in seat depth, 17”-20” in seat height, and 26”-32” in interior back height.

What Is The Normal Sofa Size In Feet?

The normal sofa size is 7 feet long — that’s for a typical three-person sofa.

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