What Is A Cuddler Sectional?

A large living room with a beige sectional couch. Text reads: "What Is A Cuddler Sectional?"

A cuddler sectional is a piece of furniture that goes at the end of a sectional. It has an arm on one side. Depending on which side of the sectional a cuddler is on, it can be “left-arm sitting” or “right-arm sitting.” What’s the difference between a cuddler vs. chaise? Keep reading to find out. … Read more

Settee Vs Couch: What’s The Difference?

A blue settee in front of a window with white curtains. The text reads: "Settee vs Couch: What's the Difference?"

Settee vs couch: here’s the difference. A settee is usually smaller and slimmer than a sofa than a couch. Sometimes, people use settees to give a home a more sophisticated look. Let’s explore each piece of furniture to see which (or both) makes the most sense for your home. Table Of Contents What’s The Difference … Read more

How Long Is A 3-Seat Couch And Other Couch Sizes? Here Are The Standard Sofa Sizes And Dimensions.

Five guys are seated on a couch and armchairs together playing games and laughing. Text reads: "How Long Is A 3-Seat Couch And Other Sizes?"

There are many different sofa sizes and dimensions depending on how many seats the couch has. For example, how long is a 3 seat couch? A three-seater sofa is usually 84″ long. But a 6-seat couch isn’t twice as long: it’s 171” long. This article clears up the confusion and includes all the standard sofa … Read more