What Is A Cuddler Sectional?

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A cuddler sectional is a piece of furniture that goes at the end of a sectional. It has an arm on one side. Depending on which side of the sectional a cuddler is on, it can be “left-arm sitting” or “right-arm sitting.” What’s the difference between a cuddler vs. chaise? Keep reading to find out.

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What Is A Cuddler Sectional?

A cuddler sectional is kind of like a loveseat, but the way you sit on it is a bit more unconventional. The design allows two people to sit on one seat cushion while still feeling comfortable leaning back on two separate back cushions. In fact, some cuddlers are big enough to seat two adults and two small children, making it possible for a young family of four to sit on one piece of furniture together.

As you might have guessed, the name “cuddler” comes from how it encourages cuddling and sitting closer to someone you know. 

Overall, a cuddler is a contemporary piece of furniture — a new addition to pre-existing furniture styles.

What Is A Chaise?

A white chaise lounge sofa.

A chaise is another small-ish sofa that usually has an arm on one side, making the furniture piece either “left-arm sitting” or “right-arm sitting.” However, some chaises have two arms. Typically you lie back and recline on a chaise, but you can also sit on it like a couch (without a back cushion).

What’s The Difference Between A Cuddler Vs. Chaise?

What is a cuddler sectional?

The difference between a cuddler vs. chaise is that usually you sit on a cuddler like a “normal” sofa. But you lie back on a chaise with your legs up in front of you.

How Do You Use Cuddlers In Interior Design?

Here are some things to consider when using cuddlers in your home’s interior design:

  • Cuddlers aren’t always rectangle-shaped; many curve on one side.
  • If you put two cuddlers together, you’ll probably end up with a semi-circle. Consider how the cuddlers will fit in your space, especially if you have tight corners.
  • Cuddlers are good at creating focal points in a room.

Cuddler Vs. Chaise: Which Should You Get?

Below are some points to consider if you’re choosing between a cuddler and a chaise:

  • Cuddlers are more comfortable for two people to sit on because a chaise only has a back for one person.
  • Cuddlers and chaises can both be hard to fit in a new space if you move because of their unusual shape.
  • Chaises are likelier to have storage space under the seat than cuddlers.


A long white sectional sofa in a sunny living room.

What Is A Double Cuddler Sofa?

A double cuddler sofa is a sectional with two units (one on each side). Usually, the cuddlers are curved — so together, the entire sectional forms a bit of a semi-circle. 

What Is A Cuddler Loveseat?

A cuddler loveseat is a marketing term. In reality, there’s no difference between a loveseat and a “cuddler loveseat.”

What Are The Different Types Of Sectional?

The most common types of sectionals are L-shaped sectionals, U-shaped sectionals, chaise sectionals, stationary sectionals, and reclining sectionals.

What’s The Difference Between A Sectional Couch And A Sectional Sofa?

There’s no difference between a sectional couch and a sectional sofa.

What Is The Difference Between Chaise And Sectional?

A sectional is any type of sofa that comes in sections, so you can assemble it however you want — or buy more pieces to add on later. A chaise is a style of sofa that doesn’t have a long back.

What’s The Difference Between A Sectional And A Modular Sectional?

There’s no difference between a sectional and a modular sectional; they mean the same thing.

Are Sectionals Outdated?

No, sectionals are not outdated. Sectionals went out of fashion for a while, but they’re hugely popular now.

Do Sectionals Make A Room Look Small?

No, sectionals don’t necessarily make a room look small. Often, sectionals do the opposite — they make a room look bigger than if you used multiple small pieces of furniture instead.

How Much Should A Good Sectional Couch Cost?

Prices for a good sectional range $500 to $4,000+ depending on the material, size, brand, quality, and style. A stain-resistant couch with performance fabric may be on the higher end of that range.

What Makes A Sofa Look Expensive?

A deep cleaning, adding high-quality wooden legs, and using sofa cushions and throws made of natural materials make a sofa look expensive.

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